is for Sale

Well guys, it has been a fun journey building the beer pong game in Australia but and all its entities are now up for sale.

Back in 2009 not many people had heard of it but now in mid 2012 you’ll barely run into anyone that hasn’t played a game or two.

Due to other business interests I can not handle the continue operations and am thus looking to sell.

I receive countless emails every month requesting beer pong tables and for us to host beer pong events at private parties, bers & clubs, businesses and more. The successful buyer will have a great opportunity to grow the business into a profitable & fun venture. All existing relationships with customers & businesses are included in the sale. is the number one authority for all things Beer Pong in Australia. Throughout the three years I have monetised it via beer pong table & equipment sales, referral sales, sponsorships, advertising, hosted beer pong tournaments, events and private parties, organised bucks nights and a lot more.

Included in the sale:

  • & websites
  • Facebook page with 3,400+ engaged fans
  • Beer Pong Mate iPhone & Android Mobile Applications &
  • twitter account
  • Two manufacturer contacts in China and one contact in Australia
  • List of suppliers for other beer pong/drinking game novelties in Australia
  • All website source files & email accounts
  • (shopify shopping cart can be reactivated)

SEO & Rankings:

The website ranks very well for a number of key beer pong related terms. Check SEMrush Australia for some of the keywords we currently get traffic from.

Financial Details:

Majority of revenue came when I was selling the beer pong tables in Jun/Jul 2011.

Since then there has been little bits coming in from various sponsored events, advertising, bucks parties and private events.

Traffic Details:

Website: Majority of the traffic comes through organic search, facebook & direct. See Google Analytics.

Mobile Apps: There are 90 active users on the mobile app (

Facebook: 3,400 engaged fans.

Ongoing Expenses:

Web Hosting: $10/mth

Mobile App Hosting: $99/mth


Interested in Buying?

Please take a look at my Flippa listing for more details. Email me at with any questions and expressions of interest. is For Sale on Flippa!


DealsToDrink releases new mobile app that helps users search and compare prices on beer and liquor from local bottle shops.

DealsToDrinkA recent study by DealsToDrink has discovered that alcohol prices vary up to 20-30% from one bottle shop to the next. Lack of consumer price awareness and convenience are considered key factors that are causing this price discrepancy.

To bring the power back into the hands of consumers, DealsToDrink has launched a new mobile application that gives users the ability to find specials and compare the prices on their favourite alcohol beverages across all their local bottle shops. Simply choose a city, select a beverage, and prices from up to six local bottle shops are displayed.

“Like a lot of Aussies, I’m always looking for a special or a deal to save some money. That’s no different when purchasing beer and liquor. So instead of spending your Friday’s looking through the newspaper ads, you can now open up one easy to use app and find all the specials and compare all the prices in one easy place” said DealsToDrink founder, Ross Beard.

The application is available free via a mobile website app, iPhone app, Android app and desktop solution for those who want to browse via their computer.

Since the company’s launch on June 7th , DealsToDrink has seen a significant response from users across Australia, with the website attracting over 4000 unique visitors.

The application has also received positive feedback on Google Play with users praising the app as clean, useful and easy to use.

“The response from users has been amazing, we’ve had over 500 downloads across iPhone and Android, whilst another 1500 people have visited the mobile website directly on their mobile devices” said Beard.

With alcohol prices continuing to rise, and a number of price comparison mobile applications popping up everywhere, it makes sense for a solution that just focuses on alcohol.

DealsToDrink is available now for free at

New Mobile App’s helps you find events & cheap beer

Are you struggling to find local beer pong events to get involved in?

Do you wish there was a way to locate the cheapest beer, closest to you?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the new there’s a couple cool new apps that you’ve been waiting for.

“Play more, Pay Less” – that is the motto of the newest, slickest beer pong mobile app available on both the App Store and Google Play (Android).

Whether you are a die hard fan, or want to pick up the odd game – download Beer Pong Mate and starting playing some pong!

Check it out and head to to download for free.

If you’re looking for cheap beer, then go and check out the new DealsToDrink website and mobile app. Use to search and compare the prices on beer & liquor from your favourite local bottle shops.

Do you host beer pong events? Are you looking to attract more people to your beer pong tournaments? Make sure you submit your beer pong event to Beer Pong Mate and get it listed on the app.

Media & Press?


beer pong mate

Improve Your Beer Pong Skills

As part of man’s endless pursuit of more creative fun, Beer Pong has existed and continues to prove as one of the most favourite past times among college and uni students. Started by fraternities around college campuses in the United States during the 1950s, Beer Pong’s popularity had now grown right around the globe. It may look like a simple game, but Beer Pong is complicated and a very challenging game to play, and like the others, it requires practice and mastery.  The good news for you is, we’ve compile a list of effective pointers, so you can become a master Pong player. So, here are some Beer Pong tips for you!

Rapid Shots

With your teammate, strategise to release the ball in a consecutive manner that can have your opponents caught off guard. Take advantage of the rule that when a cup is hit, then the players from your opposing team must remove it immediately. While they are at it, have your teammate or you hit another cup. The Rapid Shots technique can also result in your opponents knocking over some cups that will eventually call for removal as well. The key here is coordination.

Bounce Shots

In most Beer Pong house rules, bounce shots can be used to your advantage. As you might already know, your opponents can grab or interfere with your shot as long as the ball touches the Beer Pong table or any other surface. Be warned, a bounce shot can be easily blocked. But… when you perform a successful bounce, you can have two cups from your opponent’s removed. The key to this technique is be keenly observing your opponents’ behavior. If they are quite a bit tipsy already, then grab the chance!

Be alert!

As the game goes on, the beer might go into your head and you or your opponent might be having a loose defense. So be alert and don’t let your guards down. Be in constant agreement with your teammate in how you are going to effectively defend your cups. Avoid incidents like when you or both of you would knock over the cups.  The here is look for a way to not get drunk quickly.

Be drunk!

Be drunk in the eyes of your opponents. Hmmmm, yes this tip is not that easy to do. But if your opponent falls for it, then you would have a bit of an edge from them.  And of course, key here is to be a good actor!

Re-rack to the left, re-rack to the right

Sometimes, Beer Pong houses are strict but sometimes they are not. However, you can do this trick if you are very careful. Sometimes, people won’t be able to notice that you have realigned the cups a little off to their proper position in the table. This technique will lead to the decline of your opponent’s accuracy. Their shots will be a little more off. Again, don’t do your illegal re-racking obviously.

The good old distraction

Like any other game, players anticipate distractions not just from fans but players as well. It has been a distinct part of the game. And with the intensity Beer Pong can get into, distractions are really effective.  And today, there are a lot of ways and means to have your opponent distracted. From the traditional shouting, jumping, booing, and what may have you, to dressing offensively and moving provocatively to your opponent’s line of sight. Girls… think BOOBS. And guys, just be creative.

All in all, there is one important tip that all Beer Pong players should not forget. In each of your games, strive hard to enjoy yourselves. When you enjoy your game, things will come easy. So, go and enjoy your Beer Pong battles.

Beer Pong banned by Australian Government

Beer Pong Banned in AustraliaUPDATE: APRIL FOOLS :)


April 1, 2012

The Australian Government has officially banned Beer Pong from all bars, pubs, clubs, backyards & living rooms in every state of Australia. Coming as a huge surprise to the growing beer pong community, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced the news on the back of a 12 month research study.

The study, conducted by government researches, found that Beer Pong related games contributed to over 2000 intoxications, 1549 cases of “drunk and disorderly” and 151 reports of violence.

“We’re just sick of these beer pong players crawling the streets thinking their the next Kobe Bryant” said Constable Carter.

Carter continues, “In a recent incident, a ‘World Series of Beer Pong’ player has forced a victim to run around the neighborhood completely naked. This is just outrageous”.

For those unaware, this act is actually commonly referred to as a a ‘skunk’, where a team is punished for not making any cups.

The Beer Pong Community is outraged.

“They’re taking away my sport, the only thing I’ve ever been good at!” screams an avid player.

Some rumours have surfaced with the rash ruling coming about as a response to a recent post on Beer Pong Australia’s Facebook which made fun of Julia Gillard as a KFC Snack pack.

Never the less, it’s big news and a huge set back.

Long live Beer Pong.

New Beer Pong Tables

Watsup Beer Pong fans, has just launched some new beer pong tables.

Products will be available in the next couple of days… here are a few images below!

Beer Pong Table - Fold up

Beer Pong Table - Side View

Beer Pong Table - Top View

From the Dorm to the Tour

This week we take a look at a success story coming out from the United States.

Sam Pines, six years ago, was doing exactly what every other college kid was doing – playing beer pong. Except, for Sam… this wasn’t just about a game.

“All my friends were putting together their resume,” the 28-year-old Pines said. “We had a weekly league, and I thought, ‘Why not put together a structured league?’ I haven’t looked back since.”

Sam has since built his ‘weekly leagues’ into the World Pong Tour, with stops across the country leading up to national titles twice a year.

Well done Sam and we wish you all the best!

Looking for Redds Cups?

Are you wanting some of those perfect red cups for beer pong?

Check out the guys over at for all your needs.

They can also be found at many BWS stores and Dan Murphys!

World Series of Beer Pong

The World Series of Beer Pong is the largest, longest-running organized beer pong tournament in the world, created by beer pong players, for beer pong players. The event is held annually in the party city of Las Vegas, USA.

Last years event drew over 1,000 participants from 45 U.S. States and 5 Canadian Provinces, couple of Australians, offering the largest payout in beer pong history of $65,000. Games are played on 8-foot Beer Pong Tables, and WSOBP Rules govern all gameplay. Players may buy-in to the event at any time prior to Dec. 10, 2011, or they may choose to win their way to the event by competing in an official Satellite Tournament.

This years event is attracting a couple of Australian teams!

Good Luck to you all


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